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About Us

BINDING SERVICES is a leading service provider for binding of all sorts of books, magazines and journals. We also take up academic binding for theses. Publishers trust our services as we have never failed our commitment to deliver work on time. In fact, we make it a point to deliver the books on time, so that clients can check the quality of binding and ensure that every book in the lot is bound with adequate precision.

We work in collaboration with many universities and libraries to provide binding services as per their set format. Our team comprises of professionals who are trained and can finish jobs within deadlines. We have many years’ experience in the field and promise to deliver more than satisfactory results.

The team at BINDING SERVICES is demarcated in many parts, since there are various members who look after the different facets of the business. We have a dedicated team of Customer Relationship, for interacting with colleges and schools, in order to get orders and provide consistent service. Our Business Development section seeks new clients with whom we can work and handles the promotion work for the company. The actual Binding department has professionals skilled in the art, who complete the orders in the shortest possible time. This team has over 20 ground level workers and 7 supervisors, who assess the quality of binding before delivery is made to the client.