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How book binding can preserve your valuable book

While paperback books can be more convenient and easy to carry when travelling, hardcover books are more treasured by book lovers for their longevity and superior look. Additionally, the book binding process can be used to convert any paperback book to a hardcover book for preservation. Modern methods including adhesive binding and spines has improved the quality and speed of book binding, imparting a professional and sophisticated look to any book.

Here is how book binding can be used to preserve your favourite book:

  • Durability

Hardcover book binding imparts strength and durability to your book. You can avail of the numerous techniques of modern book binding to improve the shelf life of your book.

  • Variety of materials

Modern book binding uses a variety of materials including leather, paper, and fabrics to encase your book, thus creating a quality binding. The modern book binding materials are suited for any atmospheric humidity levels and climate.

  • Quality finishing techniques

You can customize your book binding with a variety of modern finishing techniques including custom leather, embossing, foil stamping, and marbling imparts a superior finish to your book. Additionally, to protect your book from dust, you can use a customized dust jacket or cover that can be put over the hard cover and removed, when not required.

  • Variety of books

Book binding is suited for a variety of books including children books, coffee table books, reference books, diaries, and custom-printed books.

  • Additional tips for book preservation

In addition to book binding, you can use tips to preserve your favourite set of hardcover books for a long life. Keep your books away from direct sunlight and high humidity. Book pests such as silverfish thrive in storage spaces, which are warm and moist, hence the need to avoid humid areas.

Storing your book in any upright position, instead of an angled position, can also increase its shelf life. It is also easier to keep your hardcover book in an upright position. All books, including hardcover books, can be stacked one above the other, provided the stack is not too tall.

The use of a quality bookshelf made of metal or sealed wood is good for book preservation, as a bookshelf can protect your books from acidic vapours.

Professional book binding services can provide a budget-friendly and customized solution for your collection of books.

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