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Learning Centre

BINDING SERVICES has a dedicated learning centre or resource centre. Young students and those interested in pursuing a career in the binding industry are taught about the various methods of binding by experts who have spent over a decade in the field. They are prepared to cater to even international clients, who demand highly technical and mechanical ways of binding.

In order to ensure the best learning conditions for our students, we have set up a separate unit with the highest quality machines. We start with theoretical part and history of binding, so that students understand the origin of the art and how various forms evolved. Then, we take them to the practical level and teach them the binding process in a step-by-step manner. They get to work with experts, and handle real time projects. The course is spread over six months. While the first month is for introducing students to binding traditions, the next three months have intensive hands on training and the last two months are reserved for practical training.

There are a few pre conditions for joining the learning centre. Students who have passed senior secondary exams can only apply. The maximum age limit to join our centre is 30 years. To join our learning centre, students need to send in a request at with details of their name, age, qualification and reason for joining the centre.