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The Benefits of Binding Your Thesis Spirally

Also known popularly as coil binding, spiral binding is a method of joining the cover and the pages of a bound document. The coil joins the pages and the cover of the document. Spiral binding is one of the most popular forms of binding since it is not as expensive as the other forms of binding and is much easier to do so. Here are some of the benefits of spiral binding your document.

Accommodates Any Page Count

Spiral coils come in a variety of sizes and can easily accommodate any page count. The larger the book, the higher would be the diameter of the coil for aesthetics and function. The coils can either be made of metal or plastic. However, they are preferably made of plastic since they come in a wide variety of colours. Moreover, coils made of plastic resist better than coils made of metal. So, you would need to keep this in mind before going for spiral binding.

It Is Readily Available

Spiral binding is so appealing that it is particularly used for shorter production runs too. Since it is a straightforward process, it is highly popular. Also, the coils are available in different colours, shapes, etc. to complement a wide range of documents.

The Pages Turn Easily

The pages of a spirally bound document can turn quite easily when the book is opened. So, unlike the other binding methods, this method has absolutely no spinal tension in them. This allows you to keep the book continually open and you do not have to keep opening the book all the time. You can easily even hang the document on the wall since the document would show least resistance. This is why spiral binding is highly popular with almost everyone. You should, therefore, consider spirally binding your document as compared to any other methods.

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