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Types of binding

At BINDING SERVICES, clients get various types of binding, to suit their needs and budget. Here are the types of binding services we provide:

  • Spiral binding – Probably the most common method of binding, this style is perfect for atlases and notepads that need to be folded. This style facilitates easy use of the bound material without damaging the binding. It is also highly economic when using a plastic or metal spiral. These spirals are available in a number of sizes. Calendar binding is a well known application of spiral binding.
  • Twin Loop binding – Also called double wire binding, is perfect for books that you will read at home or in office. The environment in these places and storage techniques are different and the binding is done to suit the same. Available in a range of colours, this type of binding gives a smooth finish to the books. We use both 3:1 and 2:1 pitch-hole patterns for twin loop binding. This service is most popular for binding of annual reports, user’s manuals and product brochures.
  • Comb binding – Mostly used for office files and study materials, Comb binding makes use of a plastic comb for putting together the pages. These combs are available in different colours. With such binding, it becomes easy to disassemble and reassemble a book. Thus, papers in a file can be taken out and arranged easily by the users. This is also one of the most cost effective methods of binding.
  • Three Ring binding – this is perhaps the easiest type of binding, wherein there are three holes punched through the length of the papers and they are inserted in the holders given in the binder. We get orders for Three Ring binding of official and personal use files, as it helps to keep the contents of the file organised.
  • Velo bind- Primarily used for official and legal documents, this type of binding is better than comb binding as it helps to keep important documents safe. The pages are stuck with a plastic sheet, which has tiny comb shaped hooks to keep the papers together. It is one of the cheapest methods to get permanent binding.

Tape Binding – This type of binding is recommended when the client wants an urgent job for books. Tape binding puts a strong tape on the base sides of the books to make the pages stay together.